Tools and systems

Based on our operational experience we see need for development of new technology to support Arctic Marine operations. Our participation in the development of new technology is founded on ”needs” we have experienced in the field or while planning operations. Having done things ”manually” we also know what tools that are missing. From a starting point in stand-alone tools that we have developed in-house over time, we are now integrating these tools into modern Ice Management and Ice Defense solutions.

Several of the tools developed also have practical use when planning operations. The ability to determine the required Ice Management or Ice Defense for a particular location at a given time is a useful tool, not only for operational planning but also for regulatory approval.


It is today evident that there is a severe shortage of suitable ice-breaking vessels for operations in areas where multi-year ice may be present. The current fleet is relatively old and in most cases not built for Ice Management or Ice Defense duties. New tonnage is needed in order to be able to undertake the operations that we currently see being planned.

At Arctic Marine Solutions we have a clear view of what features are needed in efficient Ice Management or Ice Defense vessels for Arctic operations. These vessels must not only have the power, strength and maneuverability for effective Ice Management, but also  multi-functionality in terms of supply duties, sub-sea construction, and emergency response. All these new features need to be delivered in a package that has the least amount of environmental impact possible.

An ideal Arctic ice-breaker

To the right is an example of an Ice Management vessel with PC1 ice class. We leave it up to your imagination to figure out what the containers are for.

AMS Explorer is a PC1-class Polar Ice-breaker with multi-role capability.

An arctic warehouse and crew change vessel

The Stena Group is one of the most technically proficient shipping companies in the World. Arctic Marine Solutions has assisted Stena RoRo in the development of an Arctic Crew Change Warehouse Vessel, with DP 1 and Ice Class 1A, based on an existing modern RoPax ferry. Said vessel, pictured in the right column, will deliver shorter crew change times as well as massive on-site storage and increased logistics performance.

Stena Arctic Supporter is based on a 1A-class RoPax ferry currently in use in the Baltic.