Anders Backman

Master Mariner, associate Arctic Marine Solutions AB, born 1940

2012 – Senior Arctic Mariner, Arctic Marine Solutions AB
2008 – 2015 Chairman, Transatlantic Ice Council (now VSS Ice Council)
2003 – Senior Consultant, Ice-breaking and ship design
1999 – 2003 Head of the Swedish state Ice-breaker fleet
1988 – 1991 Officer in the Swedish Navy, Ice-breakers
1986 – 1989 Project Manager for the design and production of Ice-breaker Oden
1963 – 1977 Officer in the Swedish Navy, Ice-breakers

Anders Backman is one of the most experienced Master Mariners in Ice-breaking. With Ice-breaker experience from 1962 and onwards, initially as a junior officer and from 1971 as a senior officer, he has been involved in most things connected with Ice-breaking and Ice-breaker design in Sweden and internationally. He led the work of designing and building one of the most successful Ice-breakers to date, the Oden, as well as the ”Ice-breaker 2000” project that led to the Viking Class series of combination light Ice-breakers and AHTS.

Anders Backman’s polar experience includes being Master of the Oden during several expeditions during the years 198, 1990, 1991 and 1996. The expedition in 1991 made him the first Master to reach the North Pole with a conventionally powered Ice-breaker. The polar experience has continued with Fleet Manager positions during the ACEX 2004 expedition and the Fram Strait Ice Trials conducted in 2009.

Anders Backman is also currently managing the construction of an advanced research vessel for the University of Gothenburg.

Anders Backman
Master Mariner

Telephone: +46 70 628 5731