Bertil Larsson

Senior Meteorologist Arctic Marine Solutions AB, born 1943

2012 – Senior Meteorologist Arctic Marine Solutions AB
2010 – 2012 Transatlantic, Meteorological advisor
1966 – 1998 Swedish Air Force, Meteorologist

Bertil Larsson worked as a meteorologist in the Swedish Air Force with final position as Head of Development and Testing. Since 1989, he has regularly been employed by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat for Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. He has been on 10 Polar expeditions starting with SWEDARP 1989 (STENA ARCTICA). This has led to an impressive list of Polar accomplishments that includes:

4 visits to North Pole
3 transits via Northwest Passage (including Oden 2005)
Ice Management during ACEX 2004, AGAVE 2007, NEGC 2008 (Statoil) and Fram Strait Ice Trials 2009 for ExxonMobil

Bertil Larsson
Senior Meteorologist

Telephone: +47 70 846 2702