Arctic policy

Sustainable Arctic development can only take place if the operations are well understood and acceptable to the stakeholders in the respective countries of operation. Therefore responsible operators need to participate in the ongoing debate regarding Arctic operations. At Arctic Marine Solutions we participate in various workshops with Arctic focus that is beyond what is related to our ”business”. Sometimes we do this representing our company – sometimes we do this as individuals. Here are some recent examples of presentations made.

18 April, 2013

Conference on Sustainable Business in the Arctic”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stockholm

22 March, 2013

Crisis Management in the Maritime Arctic”, Swedish National Defense College, Stockholm

Movie clip from presentations at conference

29 November, 2013

Arctic Council ”Lessons from the Swedish Chairmanship”, SIPRI, Stockholm

13 September, 2013

Oil Spill and Ice Management in Arctic Operations”, Marcus Evans, Amsterdam [PDF, 4.1 MB]