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Who are we?

Arctic Marine Solutions is a relatively young company, but, as the story will tell, the experience of the partners and the associates is unique. Arctic Marine Solutions was incorporated in 2011 by Åke Rohlén and Stefan Eliasson who had both served in leadership positions in companies engaged in Arctic business. The company is driven by a pioneering spirit and is able to draw upon a broad network in the Arctic industry.

Arctic Marine Solutions mission is clear; to enable, plan, integrate and execute Arctic Offshore Operations. This is by no means a simple task given the fact that very few high Arctic operations have ever taken place. Part of the Arctic vision is the development of a suitable fleet of Ice Management offshore vessels and the technologies required in support of the operations.

What have we done?

The people comprising Arctic Marine Solutions have been involved in every significant high Arctic operation involving pack ice management and during the last 25 years. The list is including milestone ventures such as the Arctic Coring Expedition (ACEX) in 2004, The Northeast Greenland Coring Expedition (NEGC) in 2008, Fram Strait Ice Trials 2009, OATRC 2012, OATRC 2013 and OATRAC 2015. Our approach to the Arctic is founded on our operational experience. We have operated – and learned from it.

Our customers benefit from this operational approach as our analysis and recommendations are always anchored in the “real world” of high Arctic operations. Arctic Marine Solutions has produced a number of client specific deep reports regarding ice conditions, operational scenarios and fleet selection for oil exploration ventures in the Arctic environment.

Arctic Marine Solutions have significant experience from Russia and it is one of our key markets. Our approach is founded on strong relationship and cooperation with major stakeholders in market of polar operations. A number of significant contracts have been concluded and the company is well positioned for future growth as dictated by the business conditions.

What do we do?

Arctic Marine Solutions is an Arctic exploration enabler. We help create, and protect, the operational window from threatening ice conditions. We produce pre-studies and in-depth studies preceding operations estimating operational windows.

We can take the role of the Integrator when an operation is to be executed, pulling together and planning for the required resources, and then controlling the operation in “Integrated Mode” so that the ice conditions can be managed in a controlled fashion and thereby enabling a safe and efficient operation to take place.

Our technologies, such as dedicated ice drift buoy solutions and visualization software for operation situational awareness, are used to give the operator and other parties needing information, the information that is needed right then, right there. Arctic Marine Solutions is constantly driving the development of even better Arctic technologies that will enable us and our clients in getting the required results, safely and with total control of all operational aspects, as we push further North together. One example of such projects is our wide area on-site network that carries the data and voice communication used by our situational awareness software system.

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